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The Bat & Bar Mitzvah Plaque


Decoration and personal inscription

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Bnei Mitzvah   The design of the Ceramic Bat & Bar Mitzvah Certificate divides it into two separate parts, the surrounding ornamental decoration area and the personal inscription area in the center.
The plaques are decorated by applying a mixed art technique which combines the hand painting of 8 different colors and the silkscreen printing of the black outlines.
All inscriptions are written entirely by hand by a professional calligrapher (who is me).
Every tile is completely weatherproof and washable.

The decoration

The surrounding decoration of the Ceramic Bar & Bat Mitzvah Certificate is a composition of several outstanding landmarks from the Jerusalem skyline and various Bar Mitzvah symbols.

On the left side of the plaque:

On the right side of the tile (clockwise from the top center):

Old city of Jerusalem

The personal inscription

This part of the Ceramic Bar Mitzvah Certificate contains the personal details of the Bar Mizvah, in Hebrew and in English, and is inscribed according to the information you supply during the order process.
Please note that the entire calligraphic inscription is written with a free hand by a professional calligraphy artist, and therefore the lettering differs slightly with each name or letter combination.

The central area of the Bar Mitzva certificate carries two sets of details, a standard inscription of the Bar Mitzvah's name and his ceremony, and optional additional details.

The inscription elements:

  • Date of the event according to Common and Hebrew calendars
  • Hebrew name of the Parashah (portion of the Torah) read by the Boy
  • Boy's Hebrew name or Girl's Hebrew name, in Hebrew letters
  • Boy's or girl's English name, in Latin letters

    OF COURSE, if you choose to add the family name (as in the image samples) the fonts will be written smaller

  • The sentence: "Was called up to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah" (or "Bat Mitzvah" for a girl)

The additional details:

At the lower part of the inscription area of the plaque there is room for two additional details: at the left you may insert the congregation's name & place (as in the sample picture); at the right you may add the name of the Cantor or Rabbi who taught the boy, or a short greeting like "Mazel Tov from Bubbie & Zaidie".

Bar mitzvah plaque with QR Code

QR Code


QR Code printed on the plaque:

On The Bar/Bat Mizva plaques we can also print a little QR Code readable by Smartphones which can include your personal greeting or part of the Parashah (Hebrew and/or English) or any other text - up to 300 chars. In this way you can have that important text permanently "printed" on the tile without burdening the graphic design.
Find the QR Code option in the order form (Shopping Cart).

The QR Code printed in the plaque at left says:

Jan 14th, 2012
Dear Jeremy,
We wish you all the best on your Bar Mitzvah. We are so glad we can share this Simcha with you.
Love - Sandra, Danny, Diana & Jeremy (east coast)

Let's make a perfect gift!

Before ordering a Bar Mitzvah Plaque, please gather precise information regarding:
  1. Date of the cerimony at the Synagogue, when the boy/girl is called to read the Torah. Usually it is a Saturday.
  2. English name of the boy/girl.
  3. In case of uncommon Hebrew names we need to know the exact Hebrew spelling.
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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Plaques are made in Israel by Small Signs and shipped worldwide.
Unique Bat/Bar Mitzvah gift ideas that will be preciously cherished as fond lifelong reminders.
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