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Personalized Bat & Bar Mitzvah Plaques


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Shalom and welcome to our Bar Mitzvah Gift Idea!

Our Bat & Bar Mitzvah Plaques are basically Bar/Bat Mitzva certificates carrying the formal details of the Bar or Bat Mizvah celebration on a hand painted and written custom inscribed ceramic tile elegantly set in a solid wood frame (size 9.5" x 7.5") and ready to be hung on a wall as a fond lifelong reminder of this special day.

Each Bat & Bar Mitzvah Plaque is inscribed with the common and Hebrew date of the Bat / Bar Mizvah celebration; the name of the Parashah (Torah portion) read on that day in the Synagogue; The Boy's or Girl's English and Hebrew names, and extra custom details as the name of the congregation, the name of the Rabbi or Cantor who taught the boy, or a short greeting that may include your personal greeting.

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BAR Mitzvah Plaque enlarged
Bar Mitzvah Plaque

BAT Mitzvah Plaque enlarged
Bat Mitzvah Plaque

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Plaques are made in Israel by Small Signs and shipped worldwide.
Unique Bat/Bar Mitzvah gift ideas that will be preciously cherished as fond lifelong reminders.
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